Performance & Style

You get both with the State Windows MC5 Unitized Window Wall System. Developers appreciate a window wall product that offers the best thermal performance on the market today. And architects are excited about its sleek, bold design and clean sight lines at the coupled joints. Available in a multitude of design options, MC5 can also be incorporated into the following products:

  • Casements/Awnings
  • Sliding Doors
  • Balcony Doors
MC5 Series
  • Fixed Window
    A true unitized rainscreen window wall system that eliminates external moisture penetration.
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    MC5 is the only true unitized rain screen window wall system on the market today. Thanks to a series of five chambers within the system, MC5 completely eliminates external moisture penetration. Plus, the introduction of the I-Strut thermal break 85% wider than the standard PVC break significantly reduces heat and cold transfer.

    The U-Value and condensation index are both improved by 50% over traditional window wall systems. In fact, tests show that with the introduction of high-performance Low-E glazing and a warm-edge spacer, the window can achieve a U-Value of 0.29 BTU/hr-sf F.

    Fixed Window
  • Cam Handle Awning & Casement
    Assembled using corner keys, ensuring a consistent and water-tight joint every time.
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    The MC5 new cam handle operating mechanism for awnings and casement features a unique modern look designed specially to meet with architecture requirements. With a thermally broken frame and sash for superior air, water, and structure performance, its EPDM gaskets offer three lines of defense. The rain screen design and multi-point locking mechanism make this cam handle ideal for residential and condominium projects.

    Choose from a handle position at the bottom or side, for added convenience, and ADA handles also available. The cam handle awning and casement operating mechanism allows for full sash opening at 90 degrees for easy site installation and service. All corners are mitered and well-sealed with silicone, with heavy duty corner keys crimped at each corner.

    Com Handle wning & Casement
  • Single Swing-Out Door
    Safe, secure and quiet doors with adjustable-roller locking pints and dead bolts.
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    MC5 single swing-out doors feature a thermally broken frame and sash for superior air, water and structure performance. Their rain screen design and multi-point locking mechanism makes these doors ideal for residential and condominium projects. The doors come with two to three adjustable-roller locking pints plus a dead bolt. For taller doors, the number of locking points can be increased. The standard door comes equipped with a lever handle, three pairs of standard-duty hinges, and a stainless steel door limiter at the head, allowing for control of the door speed at opening. The handles and cylinder caps are painted in a powder-coating silver colour. European-style cylinders are used with keys from the outside, and thumb-turn from the inside. A half cylinder with thumb-turn is also available.

    Single Swing-out Door
  • Miter 90º Corner
    Sharp, precise 90 degree corners created to match today’s leading architecture trends.
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    The new MC5 Miter 90º corner was created to match modern architecture trends and provide a sharp, clean design. Use the Miter 90º corner to enjoy larger views from the interior and slim, precise edges on the exterior.

    Equipped with three sealing gaskets for superior air, water, and structure performance in its rain screen design, the MC5 Miter 90º corner gives architecture the freedom to showcase contemporary, sharp lines at the corners of structures.

    Fixed Window
  • Tribeca Metal Panel System
    Create a clean, modern design with a metal panel system designed to demonstrate precision.
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    The innovative, new MC5 Tribeca metal panel system redefines precision. Giving architecture the freedom to demonstrate crisp, sharp lines for a sophisticated and modern look, the MC5 system’s rain screen design is also equipped with multiple hidden sealing gaskets for superior air, water, and structure performance.

    In addition to its stunning sharp edges, you can easily hide unwanted horizontal lines by using the Tribeca system at the bypass area.

    Tribeca Metal Panel System
All components manufactured in our facility are fabricated, assembled and inspected under controlled conditions.